Siteground: A web host everyone is talking about!

Siteground has just celebrated its 10th anniversary! It has been 10 years since former university classmates launched themselves into the accommodation market from their student rooms. And with what success?!

Every day, hundreds of webmasters rely on this company’s hosting services. In total, Siteground already hosts more than 320,000 websites and offers its services in no less than 11 different countries. Data centers are now located in Europe, the US, and Asia. In short, it is possible to host your site where you want it!

In this post, we do a summary analysis and a review of siteground. We hope this will help you to make an opinion and an avis sur siteground! If you want to react, don’t hesitate and drop us a comment below!


The creation of the Siteground host

Siteground is a hosting company founded by Tenko Nikolov. It was during his second year of university that he had the idea of launching an Internet hosting platform at a time when the demanding offers for the general public were not very widespread. Success was quickly achieved as Siteground now employs more than 150 employees and handles more than 1000 customer calls per day. With a critical level of service, Siteground can boast of answering all its customers’ requests in 10 minutes at the most! And yes, you read it right: only 10 minutes!

What are the hosting plans offered?

Siteground offers both hosting services for the general public and more specialized packages for larger companies.

Details of the hosting services offered at SiteGround

Beginner webmasters will be particularly interested in the first pack of the host. The latter is only $3.95 per month. For this price, someone who wants to get started has everything they need: a domain name, 10-gigabyte disk capacity, unlimited traffic, unlimited emails and databases, and a multitude of pre-installed applications.

The Geeks will be able to go further by obtaining 30 Giga disk space, about thirty backup backups per day, including an SSL certificate, all for $14.95.

For more essential needs, in order not to make this ticket too long, we invite you to consult their offers by yourself by visiting their website.

Pro tip

Siteground, thanks to a “fantastico” type interface, allows its customers to pick for free in a series of templates for Joomla, WordPress, Free Mambo, Drupal which are regularly updated. Thus, you can create a site in a few clicks and without knowing anything about it. It is ideal for beginners!

Siteground’s strengths

Siteground’s principal assets are the quality of impeccable service, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and offers adapted to small and large companies. It is no coincidence that this company is winning more and more customers: it is promised a certain future and allows many websites to obtain optimal hosting.

Siteground’s weak points

The rates applied are slightly higher than those of competing companies, but it is a rate that corresponds to an excellent price-quality ratio. The resources are invested in offering customers high-end techniques and processors.

What do Siteground’s customers think?

The customer comments on the Siteground website and those available on Google are quite positive. Siteground is frequently cited as a reliable and fast alternative to the traditional hosting providers available worldwide. The first quality we recognize is the reliability and speed of the servers. The speed with which customer service is provided is also appreciated.

If you are interested, take advantage of Siteground’s offers now, especially since some packs are currently on sale.

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The 5 Best Web Hosting Service Companies to Consider in 2018

Having in mind that to catch peoples’ attention it is necessary to have the right tools, you should know which web hosting services work best for you when making a website. Whether it may be bloggers or corporations, they all can find something of their liking here, so here’s a list of the 10 best web hosting service companies to consider in 2018.


I’m sure you have seen this add on TV. This web hosting service is available in many languages all over the world, and little by little is getting more recognition thanks to its advertisements and reliability. Dedicating their time entirely to its clients, it works 24/7 and supports both Windows and Linux. Also, with its WordPress-like interface, it is very user-friendly. All this for only $1.00


As what we dream gets stored in our memory, based on its name, DreamHost Web Hosting offers you high-security features to store your information. With extensive domain-management tools, feel free to create your website the way you like it. Also, cloud hosting offers you the guarantee to have your money back if expectations aren’t met. Its price starts at $2.59.


With a diverse set of hosting plans, created to meet the customers’ needs, excellent sharing options, and a great uptime (the time where it will work alongside you), HostGator truly helps you host your website. Pay $2.64 and be ready to let HostGator help you run your site.

TMD Hosting

The beauty and variety seen in WordPress are also seen in this hosting service to make your website look really pretty. With cloud-based support, good service, and uptime, TMD is a nice pick, especially if you are familiar with WordPress. $2.95 is the price to pay for this extremely user-friendly web hosting service.

A2 Hosting

Probably the most expensive but most ambitious web hosting service on this list, A2 Hosting goes all out when it comes to getting its work done. The price to pay is $3.92, but don’t worry, a refund plan is provided in case things do not go as planned.

And there you have it, the 5 best web hosting service companies to consider in 2018. Out of these five, there is surely one to meet your needs.