About DBA Square

DBA Square is a small platform for all those small and important, but mostly forgotten websites you could find online. As a blog, I, Darwin Millet, created this website to post my analysis on different IT-related topics such as security, web hosting, and news about new ways and strategies to make your site safer for you and your audience.

In this website, you will be able to find all kinds of articles to keep you informed in all the usually discussed topics in mainstream media, as well as our security and web hosting-related services to help your website, and company, to be safer and offer a better service to your targeted audience.

This will help you have a more stable site to take advantage of all the opportunities it brings a safe and steady website to get more attention, and offer a better service to the people using your site.

Don’t worry, because, with the help of my team of IT technicians, you will be able to learn how to keep your website security at its best, and get our web hosting services to run your site with the quality and stability you and your company deserve. Start learning with us, and use our trustworthy services.